chihuahua reacts to taking baths! so cute!

nadia chihuahua videos

little willie loves to go outside, but when asked if he wants to take a bath, well … lol!

how to care for your chihuahua

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wondering if cbd oil will treat pain in your chihuahua? this study proves it!

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cbd oil chihuahua pain

cbd oil for pain in chihuahua dogs

as published in the journal of the american holistic veterinary medical association, the objective of the 90-day clinical trial was to assess the impact of a full-spectrum hemp oil infused with hemp seed oil on dogs with chronic mal-adaptive pain. here are some of the documented benefits:

over 93% of the dogs in the study demonstrated benefits from the addition of hemp-derived cbd oil:

  • decreased pain scores
  • improvements in mobility
  • improved quality of life

several dog owners reported their dogs were more attentive, animated, and mentally engaged after starting the CBD oil.  94% of the owners indicated they felt their dogs’ quality of life had improved after starting the CBD product.  click here to read the entire study




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watch these cute tiny chihuahua puppies! it’ll warm your heart and make you smile!

nadia chihuahua videos

add some cuteness to your day with this video compilation of cute tiny chihuahua puppies!

chihuahua clothes on sale

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meet marilyn chihuahua, a super smart chihuahua from san antonio, texas!

nadia featured chihuahuas

chihuahua with banana on head

“look mama, i’m famous!”

marilyn chihuahua was adopted as a puppy after she was discovered in a box at the park.  marilyn loves to model, but only if she’s rewarded with treats!  she’s super fast and enjoys running in the AKC sport of fast cat.  she has a novice dog trick title and someday she hopes to be on a fly ball team.  her greatest accomplishment was when she won first place at the chihuahua derby.  marilyn can be followed on instagram at @marilynchihuahua

congratulations baelyn, marilyn chihuahua is now is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

spring sale chihuahua clothes

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“may 14th is international chihuahua appreciation day! celebrate with us!”

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winner chihuahua appreciation day contest

famous chihuahua®️ and chichis and me invite you to join in the celebrations!

featured chihuahua:  lil’ blu, winner of the 2020 international chihuahua appreciation day photo contest!)

teaka, the dog behind interntional chihuahua appreciation day

how did international chihuahua appreciation day start?

we honor the memory of, teaka, the legacy behind international chihuahua appreciation day!  let’s celebrate with a wonderful gallery of chihuahuas displaying their pride!

international chihauhau appreciation day

happy harley appreciation day!

famous chihuahua® also remembers the legacy of harley, a chihuahua puppy mill survivor who touched the lives of thousands, if not millions!  learn about harley’s legacy here.

chihuahua care book

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happy international chihuahua appreciation day

international chihuahua appreciation day dog shirts!

international chihuahua appreciation day dog shirt

get your international chihuahua appreciation day dog shirt here!

chihuahua appreciation day

blowout sale chihuahua clothes

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